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Woman getting dressed in yoroi, or Japanese armour

New students are always welcome. Training is open to everyone over eighteen and no particular level of fitness or previous martial arts experience is required.

If you’re interested in starting training the easiest way is to book an eight week introductory course. These courses are run on an ongoing basis so we’re ready to start when you are.

These courses cover all aspects of training in the Bujinkan dojo. No previous experience is necessary as we start from the most basic skills – kicking, punching, locks and throws, how to stretch and drills to teach you how to fall without hurting yourself. The Bujinkan has a very wide weapons syllabus and in the Beginners’ course we look at the basics of hanbo jutsu – fighting using a three foot staff or kenjutsu fighting using a Japanese sword.

“The eight weeks flew by. I loved that technique is more emphasised than strength (meant girls like me actually had a fighting chance) and I liked the titbits of Japanese history and culture thrown in. The atmosphere was more relaxed and female-friendly than some other clubs I’ve been in too.”

Aileen Power

Beginners Course

The cost of the course includes:

  • 8 weeks tuition every Monday
  • Training manual
  • Black training uniform (dogi) with white belt

The cost is €80. For students and unwaged it’s €50. Places on the course are limited, so book online now.

Or sign up for further details on the course:

You can also sign up for further details on the course using the sign up form below.

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