Training Resources

A list of books, websites and other useful stuff. The sites and books listed here are ones I use personally or which have been recommended by people whose opinion I trust. Obviously the most important training resource is the help and guidance of a good teacher. In this regard I would like to express my continuing gratitude to my teacher Shihan Steve Byrne and to Shihan Alex Meehan for their help and encouragement (and continuing patience).

Where possible I have embedded links for websites, webstores etc.

Training Gear

One of the most useful training tools you can have is a mirror or a camera. Proper kamae is essential for good Bujinkan practice so if you are training alone try and train in front of a mirror. Check your kamae at every stage.

Bokken Shop – Wide range of bokkens, also supply bo, jo, hanbo, yari and naginata

Budoya – Run by Shihan Paul Richardson supply books, tabi and weapons

Kuroobiya – Dogi and obi from Japan

Budo Mart – Website which caries DVD’s and books relating to the Bujinkan. It is run by Shihan Arnaud Cousergue

Nine Circles – Nice UK-based site which carries a full range of dogi, tabi and weapons. Both the quality and the prices seem to be reasonable.

Martial Art Temple – Website run by Maciej Zaleski which sells dogi, tabi and weapons.

YariNoHanzo – Really great website with a fantastic range of weapons for practitioners of Bujinkan and other koryu.


They’re all good but the ones I’ve marked with asterisks are ones that I feel are particularly useful/accessible for beginners.

* Stick Fighting – By Masaaki Hatsumi and Quentin Chambers

* Warrior Fitness – Jonathan Hass

* In the Dojo – Dave Lowry

* Kihon Happo for Beginners – Shihan Arnaud Cousergue

* Protek – Shihan Arnaud Cousergue

* Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai – Masaaki Hatsumi

* Ninjutsu History and Tradition – Masaaki Hatsumi

* The Way of the Ninja – Secret Techniques – Masaaki Hatsumi

Understand? Good – Play! Words of Consequence – Masaaki Hatsumi and Benjamin Cole

Advanced Stick Fighting – Masaaki Hatsumi

The Grandmaster’s Book of Ninja Training – Masaaki Hatsumi

Essence of Ninjutsu – Masaaki Hatsumi

Ninpo: Wisdom for Life – Masaaki Hatsumi

Japanese Sword Fighting: Secrets of the Samurai – Masaaki Hatsumi

Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu – Masaaki Hatsumi

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu – Alex Esteve

* Stretching – Bob Anderson


Bujinkan Hombu and Ayase Classes – Site maintained by George Ohashi shihan, useful tips on training and behaviour in Japan.

Bujinkan Ireland – Dojo locator, training seminars etc.

Bujinkan Meehan Dojo – Very useful and informative discussion forum, also a webstore which sells a range of training DVD’s.

How to Stretch – Website devoted (not surprisingly) to stretching. Well worth visiting.


Goshin Arts – Paul Masse’s website/blog. Paul lives and trains in Japan.

Henka – Doug Wilson Shihan’s bog from Japan. Doug often acts as a translator for Hatsumi Sensei in the hombu dojo. He has a unique insight into our art.

Shiro Kuma’s Weblog – Shihan Arnaud Cousergue’s blog.

Shugyo – Duncan Stewart Shihan’s blog. Really excellent; thoughtful and insightful posts on various aspects of our art.

Wanderings in Budo – Mark Brown’s  Blog, especially useful as it contains the kanji for many techniques.