Beginners’ F.A.Q.

A list of the more common questions and answers below. There is also a blog post from one of our students about her first couple of months of training. Click here to read it.

Am I too old or unfit to start training?

In short, no, while being younger or fitter is undoubtedly an advantage in any physical pursuit individuals of any age and fitness level can begin training. That said, diligent training should result in a marked improvement in fitness and flexibility over time.  As always if you have any specific health concerns you should always consult your physician before starting any fitness regime.

Is any special equipment or uniform required?

All you need is some clothes to train in – preferably loose fitting clothes that aren’t your best. At this stage it’s not necessary to purchase any special training clothes although if you happen to have an old martial arts uniform feel free to wear it. Once you can move freely and stretch in whatever you wear you’ll be fine. One thing you do need to have are clean sports socks – neither footwear nor bare feet are allowed on the mats. It’s also a good idea to bring some water and some note taking materials. Graded students are expected to wear a black keikogi (training uniform) and Japanese footwear known as tabi. Students also wear a crest and stars to signify rank.  Beginners are not expected to have their own training weapons, graded students are expected to have whatever equipment is required for class.

What goes on in a typical class?

The class starts with stretching and body conditioning exercises, followed by drills to practice falling and landing safely (ukemi) then we move on to drills to improve fundamental skills (kihon waza), finally we move onto buki waza (training involving weapons).  Classes normally end with randori or free training. Classes are normally reasonably relaxed and informal but as both students and teachers of the various Irish Bujinkan Dōjōs travel regularly to Japan to train instruction is given in proper dōjō etiquette.

Do I have to watch a class first or can I just join in?
While I prefer to have people to watch a class first to make sure that they are fully informed of what training entails, it is not essential.

Where is the dojo located?
The Bujinkan Jishin Dōjō is located at St. Ann’s Parish Hall, Molesworth Place, Dublin 2. The hall is located behind St. Ann’s Church on Dawson St. If you don’t know the area, try visiting and typing in ‘Bujinkan Jishin Dojo’ – you will get a map with directions to make it easy.

If you get lost or can’t find the place, feel free to give me a call for directions. My phone number is 087 2492951.

How do I get there?
The Dōjō is well served by public transport. There is a list of buses that stop nearby on the Dōjō website. If you’re driving there is plenty of on street and off street parking in the vicinity.

When do you train?

Training is at 7.00 pm on Mondays. Classes last between one and a half and two hours.There is also a class on Saturday in Harold’s Cross at 11.00 but this class is only available to people who regularly attend Monday night training.

What is the cost?

Classes are €10, €6 for students/unwaged. The fee is payable at the end of each class, graded students can opt to pay monthly by direct debit.

Want to know more?

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